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Welcome to the Accident Advice Bureau, established in 2004, we are one of the UK’s longest serving accident compensation claims companies. In this time we have gained a wealth of experience and have awarded millions of pounds in injury compensation to our clients.

Our service is completely free and we work with some of the best injury solicitors available, who will fight hard to ensure you are awarded maximum compensation, for your non-fault accident and injury. In addition to this, any out of pocket expenses will also be claimed for which includes, loss of earnings, travel and medical bills.

All accident compensation claims are worked on a 100% no win no fee, no risk basis, which guarantees you complete peace of mind.

Suffering an injury can be a distressing time; therefore we make pursuing an injury claim easy, hassle free and quick.

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Information on accident compensation claims made with the Accident Advice Bureau

Work accident compensation claims

A successful workplace injury claim for compensation was made through ourselves which resulted in £118,500 being paid to our client following a fall accident at work. The injured workman suffered a fall from a scaffolding tower when he was working as a decorator. The dangerous scaffold tower was erected by someone else and had not been set up correctly. The decorating work accident happened when the workman fell from the scaffolding tower landing very awkwardly on his ankle. The scaffolding fall accident and injury was witnessed, reported and logged in the work accident book. The injured worker went to hospital where several operations were required and long term suffering was endured. In addition to the claim for injuries the injured workman also received travel and medical expenses as well as loss of earnings, he thanked his specialist injury solicitor for the compensation he received.

One of the many thousands of workplace accident compensation claims was made successfully through the Accident Advice Bureau following a workplace accident by an employee who was not issued the correct safety goggles by his employer. The worker was working on a lathe when a piece of metal came off the machine and hit him in the eye as it went up and under the goggles. The injured worker reported the accident and injury to his employer and logged full details in the accident book. He then went to hospital and was diagnosed with a small piece of steel in his eye from the machine. The workplace injury took a couple of months to recover from and the client was in pain throughout. The work accident resulted in the injured employee being awarded £2,500 in workplace injury compensation.

One of the many thousands of workplace accident compensation claims for injuries was made by an employee who had to bring a cage of stock in to the shop. The cage had a broken wheel and as it was being moved the wheel jammed and the cage toppled over onto the employee. The employee tried to jump out of the way but didn’t have time, this caused an injury to his leg. The workplace accident and injury was reported and full details put in the work accident book. The injured employee had to take time off work and wanted to claim workplace injury compensation using a work specialist injury solicitor on a no win no fee basis. We were contacted and his case was successful resulting in the injured employee claim for compensation being paid.

Passenger accident compensation claims

Accident compensation claims for passengers can all be made on a no win no fee basis through us, we have helped thousands of injured passengers over the past decade. Passenger injury claims can be the most straight forward claims for accident compensation solicitors to win as passengers are not at fault for causing the accident. Many passenger claims for injuries are from being hit by another vehicle in the rear at traffic lights, on a roundabout or when stationary on a motorway. The solicitor handling the claim will work hard to achieve maximum passenger injury compensation. The most common injuries in which a claim for passenger compensation is made are a soft tissue injury which may be whiplash, damaged tendons, ligaments and muscles as well as broken bones.

Car passenger accident compensation claims

A successful claim for injury compensation was made through the Accident Advice Bureau when a passenger in a car accident suffered whiplash injuries when the car she was travelling in was hit in the rear by another car. Adult and child passenger injury claims are very common and come mainly from a car accidents, being injured in a taxi accident as well as those injured on a bus. Passengers are not at fault for road traffic accidents and can suffer for weeks, months or even years in extreme cases. The female passenger was in the rear seat wearing her seat belt and her car was stationary at a roundabout when it was hit, she was thrown forward and backwards with force and immediately felt pain to her neck and shoulders. The two drivers of the vehicles exchanged insurance details at the scene. The injured car passenger went to the doctors and was diagnosed with whiplash injuries to the neck shoulders and back. As with all injury claims made through us, it was handled on a no win no fee basis by a passenger accident specialist injury solicitor. The passenger injury compensation awarded was £1,800 which the lady was delighted with.

Bus passenger accident compensation claims

Bus passenger accident compensation claims are often made because bus driver negligence has caused the passenger to be thrown from the seat, often hitting the metal bar in front of the seat or be thrown down the bus aisle. A dangerous bus driver has meant that many people have contacted the Accident Advice Bureau helpline for information on claiming bus passenger compensation for injuries. The main reasons we have been contacted is due to the bus sudden braking as the driver was not paying attention to the traffic lights as they turn red and needing to suddenly stop, travelling too close to a car or other vehicle in front of the bus, hitting a kerb or the bus hit a car in the rear or pulling out of a junction when it was not clear. The main injuries which a bus passenger compensation claim is made for include a soft tissue injury, whiplash, torn, stretched and pulled muscles, tendons and ligaments. Bus passenger claims are handled by specialist injury claim solicitors on a no win no fee basis offering a fast, efficient service with maximum compensation being fought for.

Slip & trip accident compensation claims

A trip accident on a broken kerb stone caused a lady to suffer a broken arm and require a couple of operations. The pensioner was crossing a road with her friend and talking at the time, she failed to see the badly broken kerb and as she stepped up onto the pavement, her foot landed on the kerb, twisted and she fell to the ground. She was helped up and was in severe pain, she told the council of her accident and injury. Photographs of the severely damaged kerb were taken. The injured lady sought medical advice and was told her arm was badly fractured and the injury would take several months to recover. The lady contacted the Accident Advice Bureau for information and made a successful claim for injuries using a specialist accident claim solicitor on a no win no fee basis, she was awarded £10,000 in injury compensation.

A trip on a pothole in the road or pothole on the pavement has been the reason for thousands of tripping injury and accident compensation claims due to a large pothole which wasn’t seen. Many pothole accident claims are due to the local authority failing to keep the area safe for the public but the pothole accident could be due to a pub landlord negligence or that of holiday park negligence, for example. Any pothole accident claim should be supported with photos of the defect being taken and witnesses to how long the pothole has been in position. All pothole trip accident claims, as with all types of injury compensation claims, need to be made within a three year period of the accident. We usually find the claim for accident compensation is made soon after the event.

Supermarket accident compensation claims

A slip on a wet floor in Tesco supermarket resulted in a lady who wanted to claim for injuries using a specialist injury solicitor appointed by the Accident Advice Bureau on a no win no fee basis. The lady was walking with a trolley full of shopping when she slipped at the checkout on a slippery floor which had a large spillage of water on it. There were no warning signs in place and staff were standing opposite the checkout chatting and should have seen the large amount of water on the floor and had it cleaned up and the area cordoned off. The lady fell to the floor awkwardly and grabbed at the side of the checkout to help prevent her fall. As she stretched out, she pulled muscles in her neck, shoulder and back and was in severe pain. The supermarket slip accident was logged in the Tesco accident book and the lady went to the doctors and was diagnosed with, and was able to make an injury claim for pulled muscles, tendons and ligaments. The injury lasted several months and the Tesco customer used injury claim solicitors to make her supermarket accident compensation claims.

A slip in Asda on a wet floor next to a leaking freezer resulted in one of the thousands of successful accident compensation claims for injuries being made through the Accident Advice Bureau by a man who was shopping with his partner and didn’t see the pool of water coming from under the freezer. There were no warning signs in place and nothing to soak up the puddle. The accident was witnessed and details logged in the Asda accident book. After visiting the doctors and being diagnosed with whiplash to the neck, shoulders and back, the claim for compensation against Asda was made. Leaking chillers, fridges and freezers in supermarkets can be incredibly dangerous and are the cause of many slip and fall accidents often resulting in broken bones in the fingers, hand, wrist, arm, foot and ankle.

Supermarket injury claims have been successfully made by thousands of injured customers and staff over the past few years and there are numerous types of claims against supermarkets which are made. The vast majority of supermarket injury claims are for slips, trips and falls due to water on the floor, items falling from a shelf or things left on the floor by supermarket staff. A trip accident on cardboard, packaging, plastic or tape in a supermarket, whether its an accident in Asda, being injured in Tesco, an accident in Sainsburys, Morrisons, an accident in Aldi or an accident in Lidl to name a few may cause serious injuries to customers and employees and many of these result in injury claims being made with the Accident Advice Bureau and specialist injury solicitors. Every supermarket injury claim for compensation can be handled on a 100% no win no fee basis which means that if accident compensation claims are not successful then there is nothing to pay. This said injury claim specialist solicitors tend to take all accident claims which they feel they are more likely to win, otherwise all the time and effort they put into the compensation claim is a waste of their time as they will not be paid. Any supermarket accident and injury should be reported to staff and full details put in the supermarkets accident book, if there are any witnesses, their details should be included. This information can be used by the solicitor as the claim for supermarket compensation progresses.

Landlord negligence accident compensation claims

Accident compensation claims solicitors were needed when landlord negligence was to blame for a collapsed ceiling in a rented property caused injuries to a tenant. The ceiling was wet from a leaking roof, which had been seen by the landlord prior to the tenants moving in but they failed to rectify the problem. The bedroom ceiling fell down causing injuries to the tenant hitting them on the head, shoulder and arm. The accident, injury and falling ceiling was reported to the landlord, who then arranged for the damage to be repaired. The injured tenant was diagnosed with soft tissue injuries to the neck and shoulders and bruising to the arm. A successful claim for injury compensation using specialist injury claim solicitors was made through the Accident Advice Bureau. Any accident in a rented property, whether, private landlord negligence council property negligence or housing association negligence can be claimed for if the injury is sufficient and the landlord could have prevented the accident from happening.

Carbon monoxide poisoning in a rented property has been suffered by many tenants. Whether the property belongs to a housing association, council or private landlord, they all have a responsibility to ensure the property is safe and that regular gas safety checks are carried out. Our solicitors have successfully handled numerous claims for carbon monoxide poisoning in a rented property which has involved adults and children being poisoned by what is known as ‘The Silent Killer’.

Restaurant accident compensation claims

Restaurant injury and accident compensation claims may be made on a no win no fee basis by customers if restaurant negligence has been the cause of the accident. We have handled many claims for customers injured in McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut and Pizza Express to name a few. Many restaurant accident claims are made from slips, trips and falls where there are no wet floor warning signs in place to let unsuspecting customers know about the danger. A Slip accident in a toilet where there is a leaking pipe or leaking toilet has also been the cause of many injury claims being made.

An injury from a broken chair accident in Burger King resulted in a lady making a successful claim for injuries using the Accident Advice Bureau after her visit to Burger King had an unhappy ending. Having got her food, the restaurant customer chose to sit on the chairs supplied by Burger King which were placed outside of the restaurant. As she sat down, the legs of the chair gave way and she fell to the ground very heavily. The accident and the broken chair were reported to the restaurant and logged in the restaurants accident book. The lady went to her doctors and had soft tissue injuries which were, pulled muscles, tendons and ligaments diagnosed. The severe injury took several months to fully recover from.

Holiday park accident compensation claims

The Accident Advice Bureau information helpline has over the past decade, helped many people make holiday park accident compensation claims. This may be from staying in a lodge or on a campsite in a tent, touring or static caravan. Holiday park accident compensation claims should be supported with witnesses where possible and the accident should have been reported to the holiday park at the time and logged in their accident book. Some of the main accidents in a holiday park which we have helped people to claim compensation for are for a slip, trip and fall. These are either in the clubhouse, in the park shop, on raised paving slabs, slippery surfaces, broken steps to the caravan or damaged or faulty cupboards or beds in the caravan. Whether you have been injured at a Haven, Hoseasons or Butlins for example, we can advise you on making a claim for injuries on a no win no fee no risk basis.

Many claims are made for soft tissue damage, these can be from all types of accidents including workplace accidents, slips, trips and falls and traffic accidents. A claim for a soft tissue injury may involve a claim for tendon damage, compensation for ligament injuries, muscle damage injury claims or whiplash injury claims. Soft tissue damage can last several months and even take longer than a broken bone to recover from. Torn, pulled and stretched muscles, ligaments and tendons are very common to suffer and also to be claimed for.

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