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Faulty school chair injury claim

When you child is at school, the school has a duty of care over them. This includes making sure all ...

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Torn tendons at work claim

A claim for torn tendons at work from an accident, which was not your own fault, may be made made on ...

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Bus Hit Car Passenger Claim

A  bus hit a car passenger claim may be possible if the injuries are sufficient to require to be see ...

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Accident Compensation Injury Claim Specialists

Welcome to the Accident Advice Bureau, we have years of experience in helping injured people claim for a non-fault accident on a no win no fee basis. Our specialist injury claim solicitors fight hard for maximum injury compensation on all accepted personal injury claims.

The Accident Advice Bureau ensure the process when you make an accident claim for injury compensation is straightforward, hassle free and when you make a compensation claim for being injured in an accident with us, you will be kept fully informed throughout the claim process.

In addition to making a claim for injuries from an accident, the Accident Advice Bureau can also claim for special damages, which include loss of earnings, travel and medical expenses and damage to clothing or possessions.

The Accident Advice Bureau handle all types of personal injury claims so no matter whether you had an accident and were injured in a supermarket, had an accident as a passenger in a car, were injured in an accident driving a car or other vehicle, suffered an injury at work due to employer negligence or have been injured in a restaurant accident in a slip, trip or fall, you can have full confidence that all our solicitors will be on your side fighting very hard every step of the way to win your claim.

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For free advice and a specialist injury solicitor fighting hard to win you maximum compensation for your pain and suffering, please call the Accident Advice Bureau on 0800 814 0014, request a call back or claim online below.

Accident in Supermarket Claim

For an accident in a supermarket you may be able to claim supermarket injury compensation on a no win no fee basis with the Accident Advice Bureau specialist supermarket claim solicitors. No matter what the size of the supermarket or who they are, we can win a supermarket injury claim against Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl or the Co-op to name a few, if we can prove they are liable for the accident and your injury.

Restaurant Accident Claims

You do not expect to have an accident in a restaurant when dining out. If you have had a slip accident in a restaurant, been injured by a waiter or waitress in a restaurant or had a trip accident in a restaurant, as long as restaurant negligence caused the accident and injury, then a claim against a restaurant may be possible with the Accident Advice Bureau. This includes accidents in McDonalds, Burger King and Subway.

A Slip Accident at Work Claim

A slip accident at work claim for compensation may be made due to a wet floor without warning signs in place, which wasn't seen by an employee. A slip accident in the workplace can be extremely dangerous and if the employer is at fault, and there is sufficient injury then a claim for slipping on a wet floor at work should be successful with the Accident Advice Bureau. The wet floor, for example, may be caused by a spillage by another employee, leaking taps or pipes or a leaking ceiling.

Passenger Injury Claims

Passenger injury claims for an accident in a car, bus, coach, van, lorry or train may be made using Accident Advice Bureau specialist passenger injury claim solicitors. Claims for injured passengers are amongst the most straightforward for our injury claim solicitors to win, as the injured passenger would not have been at fault for the accident.

As with all claims for accident compensation through the Accident Advice Bureau, the injury must be diagnosed by a doctor and where possible the accident and injury should always be logged in an accident book. There is a three-year timescale in which to claim for injuries from a non-fault accident on a no win no fee basis.

You can be rest assured that when claiming injury compensation with the Accident Advice Bureau, your claim will be given the full attention it deserves and that everything will be done to ensure a successful outcome with the maximum injury compensation being fought for. Please contact the Accident Advice Bureau on 0800 814 0014 request a call back or claim online today to make an injury claim for compensation.