Accident in Pizza Hut Claims

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If you have been injured in Pizza Hut and it was not your fault a claim for injury compensation may be possible with our help.

Anyone who has an accident in Pizza Hut and been injured should report the accident and injury to their staff. The accident should be reported into the accident book and It is important that the entry in the book is totally accurate, as this information could be used by an injury solicitor, should you wish to make a claim against Pizza Hut for the accident.

Accidents in Pizza Hut could be due to a wet or slippery floor, which the staff should have seen and cleaned up before anyone is injured. If the floor is wet and slippery, a warning sign should be put in place to advise staff and customers of the slip accident hazard.

Accident in Pizza Hut claims

Any claim against Pizza Hut we accept will be worked on a No Win No Fee basis and upon winning the claim, maximum injury compensation will be paid out.

In the event of the claim for being injured in Pizza Hut fails, as long as you have cooperated throughout, you will not be asked for any money.

To win the claim, it must be proven that their staff negligence caused the accident.

To see if you can claim for a slip, trip or fall accident in Pizza Hut, please call us at the Accident Advice Bureau free on 0800 814 0014 or 0344 545 0110 from mobile, request a call or claim online below.

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