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Injury claims against landlords

Injury claims against landlords can be made for any number of reasons, if landlord negligence was to blame for the accident resulting in an injury to a tenant or visitor to the rented property. For over a decade we have been helping injured tenants to claim compensation from their landlord on a 100%  no win […]

Radiator Fell off Wall in Rented Property Injury Claim

Rented properties, whether privately rented, housing association or council, should be a safe place to live with the fixtures and fittings being installed correctly. If defects, or incorrect fitting of a radiator, in the property cause a radiator to fall off the wall and injure an adult or child, sufficiently to require medical attention, then a […]

Broken Staircase Rented Property Injury Claim

If you live in a rented property, whether it is a private rent, housing association or council, the landlord or authority is required to ensure the staircase, which includes the covering which is usually carpet and the banister are safe and in a good state of repair so there is no danger of an accident which […]

Wet ceiling collapsed in rented property

If you have been unfortunate enough to be injured when a wet ceiling collapsed in a rented property and the injuries are sufficient to need medical attention form a doctor, then a claim for compensation on a no win no fee basis may be made using the Accident Advice Bureau. Landlords have a duty of […]

Rented Property Collapsed Ceiling Claim

Rented properties should be safe for tenants and their families to live in. On many occasions, the landlord is aware of defects and fails to fix them and this often involves wet, and damaged ceilings. A rented property collapsed ceiling claim for compensation may be made by any tenant who is injured due to the […]

Falling Ceiling Injury Claim Rented Property

Landlord negligence is often to blame for tenants being injured by a ceiling falling down onto them. All private landlords, housing associations and councils have a duty of care over their tenants and must ensure ceilings are not in danger of collapsing and causing tenant injuries. A falling ceiling in a rented property can cause serious […]

Faulty Floorboards in Rented Property Injury Claim

Whether you are a tenant in a privately rented property, a housing association or council property, there shouldn’t be defects which can cause injuries to adults or children. All landlords and authorities responsible, have a duty of care over their tenants to ensure maintenance has been carried out. Unfortunately, many rented properties have damaged, broken […]

Rented Property Injury Claim

Landlord negligence in the garden of a rented property has lead to a woman being injured when she tripped on paving slabs which were left all broken and damaged. When the family moved into the property, it should have been safe and fit to use. As the tenant went into the garden to hang the […]

Rented Property Broken Banister Claim

A man was injured in a rented property when he fell down stairs as the banister was broken. The tenant reported the broken banister in the rented property to the landlord a couple of months before the accident as it had come away from the wall and didn’t offer support when it was being used. […]

Negligent Landlord Injury Claims

When living in a rented property, the landlord has a responsibility to ensure the property is safe for the tenants. There are thousands of cases of an accident in a rented property which could have easily been avoided if the correct health and safety procedures were carried out. Negligent landlord injury claims may be made […]

Injured when the ceiling fell down in a rented property

Have you been injured when the ceiling fell down in a rented property? Every year there are accidents in rented properties which could have been avoided if landlords had not been negligent. Landlord negligence is common causing various injuries to tenants who can suffer short and long term injuries, many needing medical treatment. A falling […]

Collapsed Ceiling Injury Claim

A collapsed ceiling injury claim for tenants injured in an rented property, whether a private rent, council or housing association house, may be made on a no win no fee basis using specialist injury claim solicitors. Landlords, councils and housing associations are required to ensure the property which they have their tenants living in are safe. […]

Landlord Negligence Injury Claims

If you rent a property and suffer an injury that is due to the negligence of a private landlord, you may be able to pursue a no win no fee landlord negligence injury claim for compensation with the help of the Accident Advice Bureau. When you are renting a flat, house or any other type of accommodation the landlord […]

Injured in Rented Property

Tenants being injured in a rented property due to the negligence of a landlord happens all too often. Landlords have a responsibility to ensure the property is safe for tenants to live in and any defect which is reported should be rectified before an adult or child is injured through no fault of their own. […]

Injured in a Rented Property Accident Claim

When you rent a property from a landlord the property should be safe. If you do suffer a an injury as a result of a hazard due to landlord negligence, then you may be able to pursue a injured in a rented property accident claim with the help of the Accident Advice Bureau. We have […]

Injured in a rented property due to landlord negligence

Being injured in a rented property in an accident may be claimed for if the accident could have been avoided if the landlord had maintained the property properly. Millions of people rent flats and houses from a private landlord through a letting agency. The rented property should be fit for purpose and safe. Any defects in […]

Landlord Negligence Injury Claim

All landlord’s have a responsibility to make sure that the property (house, flat etc) they are letting has no dangerous defects and is safe. They should complete an inspection with you before you move in. If when you are living in the premises you notice any dangerous defects, you should make your landlord aware so they can repair […]