Muscle Damage Claims for Injury Compensation

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Muscle damage claims for injury compensation can be made through ourselves on a No Win No Fee and no risk basis.

Muscle damage is also called soft tissue damage and can happen due to an accident and often involves the pulling or stretching of muscles in any number of the parts within the body.

Muscle damage compensation or torn muscle claims as a result of a car accident, are often known as whiplash claims and the pains are felt in the neck and shoulders. This is when the sudden jolt of a car accident forces the driver or passengers neck muscles to stretch beyond their normal limits. Muscle damage in the neck as with other parts of the body can last from a day or two to very severe cases which can last a number of years.

Muscle damage may have happened from a car accident or an accident at work to a slip, trip or fall and could be felt in the foot, ankle, hand or wrist to name a few.

For muscle damage injuries, a doctor or hospital often advises taking anti inflammatories or painkillers and rest. Physiotherapy is also often given to help speed up the healing process.

Muscle damage claims for injury compensation

If you have been involved in an accident which was not your own fault and have been diagnosed with muscle damage by the hospital or doctor, a muscle damage claim or torn muscle compensation claim for injuries could be made.

The timescale in which to make a muscle damage claim is three years. However, the earlier a claim for a muscle injury is submitted; generally the easier it is to have it accepted. This is because the details surrounding the injury claim are fresh in the mind of the claimant, any witnesses and often any written documentation is easier to obtain.

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