Tesco Supermarket Accident Claim

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If you have suffered an injury and wish to claim against Tesco for an accident, in order for the claim to be successful, it is necessary to be proved that Tesco were liable, the accident would need to have happened in the last three years and the injury sustained would need to be sufficient. The accident in Tesco should also be recorded in their accident book and if any witnesses were available, their details would help.

We have years of experience in handling claims against Tesco and just because they are such a large company, you should not be put off making a claim if the accident was due to their negligence.

Any claim against Tesco we accept will be worked on a no win no fee basis and upon liability being admitted, maximum compensation will be fought for.

Tesco supermarket accident claim

The majority of claims against Tesco we handle are for slips, trips and falls in the stores. The staff should ensure any accident hazards are not left lying on the shop floor. These can include spillages and wet floors from cleaning, which if these are unavoidable to leave wet, then warning signs should be clearly displayed.

Cardboard and stock packaging should be put away and not left as a trip hazard. If stock is piled up on the shop floor, it should be not so high that it can fall and injure staff or customers.

If you would like to make a claim against Tesco, please contact our advisors free on 0800 814 0014 or 0344 545 0110 from mobiles, request a call or claim online below.

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