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Every day thousands of people are injured at work in non fault accidents, some accidents are fairly minor but others have a dramatic effect on the future of the person both at work and at home. If employer negligence or that of another employee has caused accidents and injuries, then accident at work claims may be made. Work injury claims may not only be for the injuries suffered but also for loss of earnings, travel, medical, damage to possessions and home care if required.

Over the past decade we have helped thousands of injured employees with their accident at work claims, and with our help you can claim the compensation you may be legally entitled to following a non fault accident. On accepting your claim, we have specialist work accident solicitors who has a successful record in handling injury claims for employees. Your claim will be handled on a 100% no win no fee basis, giving you complete peace of mind.

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Your solicitor will fight hard to win your claim, ensuring that you receive maximum compensation. You will be kept fully informed throughout the claims process.

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Examples of when accident at work claims may be made

There are hundreds of reasons why employees are injured at work in non fault accidents, below are some examples why a claim for compensation may be made.

Accident at Work Claims for No Manual Handling Training

Many accident at work claims are made by employees who have been injured due to not been given lifting or manual handling training by the employer.

Employers have a responsibility to ensure all workers who need to carry out lifting as part of their duties are fully trained in how to avoid accidents and injuries through lifting. If you have not received full training, and have suffered an injury, please contact us to see if you can make an accident at work claim for compensation.

Accident at Work Claims for Poor Health and Safety

Full Health and Safety training should be given to all employees. If your company have failed to give Health and Safety training and you have been involved in an accident and injured as a result, then it may be possible to make an accident at work claim for compensation.

Faulty Machinery Accident at Work Claims

Any machinery which has faults should not be used for Health and Safety reasons. The employer should be informed of any problems with the machinery so repairs can be made. There are times when employees are still told to use the machinery by the employer, even though they are aware it is faulty and as a result the employee gets injured. Sometimes when in use machinery can suddenly become faulty through no fault of the user or employer, on these occasions an accident at work claim for compensation may also be possible.

Accident at Work Claims for Slips, Trips and Falls

Each year thousands of workers are injured in the workplace and make accident at work claims for slips, trips or falls and many for an accident using a ladder. Employers should ensure the safety of its workers and this means all involved are vigilant and do not leave dangerous hazards in places that cause a hazard. Any Spillages on the floor should be cleaned up immediately and if necessary a wet floor sign should be put in place to warn others of the slipping danger. Leads trailing from tools and vacuum cleaners tend to be the cause of many work place accidents; these should be tidied away or made clear they are being used, and that there is a hazard. Other main causes for workers being injured is from stock being left on the floor in a dangerous position and not having been stored correctly. For any slip, trip or fall accident in the workplace an accident at work compensation claim may be made if the injury was not due to your own fault.

Accident at Work Claims due to Faulty Ladders at Work

Ladders which are faulty are extremely dangerous and should not be used at any time. Employers have a responsibility to ensure the ladders are inspected regularly and if they are not up to Health and Safety standards, they should be removed so they are not available to the workforce. Whilst using a ladder, it should be secured at the bottom by another worker to help prevent an accident and injury. There are times when workers are told to continue with the job, even though there are not enough personnel to do so safely. If you are having to use a defective ladder or are told to use it in an unsafe manner and this causes an accident and injury, then an accident at work claim for compensation may be possible.

Accident at Work Claims due to Staff Shortages

Accident at work claims for Compensation can often be made if employees are required to work at excessive speed due to staff shortages. Employers should ensure there is enough staff on hand to carry out a task safely.

Any accidents at work you suffer should be logged in the accident book. It is vitally important that the correct details of the accident are written in. If at a later time you wish to make an accident at work claim for compensation, the information in the book is likely to be used by the injury solicitor working on the claim. Any witnesses to the accident and injury should also have their details written in the book.

As with any accident claim, as the claim progresses, the solicitor will arrange for a medical assessment to take place, this will be close to where you live. This assessment will be used by the injury claims solicitor to help determine the level of accident compensation that should be awarded for the injuries suffered. When the solicitor has a full understanding of the length of suffering the claimant will have as a result the accident, they can then work to achieve the maximum compensation from the third party for the injuries.

Each year thousands of people successfully make a accident at work claims for compensation, there are various reasons including pluming accidents, accidents to electricians, factory workers and shop workers to name a few and are made especially for back injuries and many of these with our help. Remember with the No Win No Fee agreement which we ensure is in place, you have no financial risk in claiming for your accident.

Whatever the cause of your accident at work, please contact our friendly staff at the Accident Advice Bureau. We will discuss your accident at work compensation claim with you, assess your claim and advise you accordingly.

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