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One of the main reasons for people to take time off work is due to a back injury. It’s only when you have suffered from a bad back that you realise just how much a back injury can disrupt or totally stop your daily life. This often results in loss of wages and financial hardship. This is when back injury compensation can make a big difference financially.

The Accident Advice Bureau are back injury compensation experts with years of experience. We will help you to claim the back injury compensation you may be legally entitled to, as a result of a non fault accident. We will appoint a specialist back injury claim solicitor. Your claim will be worked on a 100% no win no fee basis where you will have the peace of mind knowing that win or lose, you will not be asked for any money at any time. In addition, we will not only claim for back injury compensation but also other damages such as loss of earnings, medical, travel and home help expenses.

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Your claim will be hassle free, dealt with as quickly as possible and we will fight hard to ensure you receive maximum compensation. You will be kept fully informed throughout the claims process.

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For further details on back injury compensation claims please see text below.

Back injury compensation from work accident

Many back injuries are caused at work due to the lack of manual handling training, resulting in unsafe lifting practices. An employer is required to ensure all employees whose job involves any lifting are fully trained and are aware of the dangers of lifting items incorrectly. Improper lifting can result in a serious back injury. For example, lifting heavy items just once, continuously lifting or twisting on a production line can cause back injuries if carried out incorrectly.

Other causes for a back injury claim include falling from ladders. An employer is to ensure the ladders used are in good working condition and that if necessary there is someone holding the ladder at the bottom to ensure it does not slip.

Slipping or tripping at work is the cause of many accidents, resulting in a back injury. This could be tripping over cables left lying around by another worker, stock not put away correctly, leaving a hazard or insufficient lighting in an area.

On many occasions a work accident is due to a wet floor. Employers should ensure all staff are aware of the safety requirements when dealing with spillages or cleaning floors. In particular, the placing of warning signs in the affected area. This would help avoid an accident which could result in a back injury to an employee. This will also reduce the option for an employee to make a back injury compensation claim.

If you have injured your back and want to claim back injury compensation for your work accident we can help you.

Back injury compensation from a road traffic accident

Another major cause for a back injury claim is due to a car accident. If you are the driver or passenger in a car accident, you may suddenly be jolted if the car is in collision with another vehicle or object. This jolt can cause muscle damage and pain in your back. As a passenger the accident would not have been your fault and therefore a back injury claim is straight forward. As a driver, in order to claim compensation, the accident must not have been your own fault.

If the roads are in a poor condition due to potholes and cause an accident, resulting in an injury to your back while riding on a motorbike or cycle, then it is still possible to make a back injury compensation claim.

If you have been injured and want to claim back injury compensation for your road traffic accident, we can help you.

Back injury compensation from a slip or trip accident

Thousands of people every year suffer a back injury due to slipping or tripping accidents in a public place. This could be on the pavement, road or in a park. Other accidents are caused in supermarkets, restaurants or pubs. It is advisable to take photographs of the area that caused the accident and back injury if possible.

If you have been injured and want to claim back injury compensation for a slip or trip accident we can help you.

Compensation awards

Once your claim has been accepted by ourselves and the solicitor, a medical assessment may be required to help determine the exact level of back injury compensation you will receive. This compensation is based on all of your injuries and length of suffering. This will be arranged by your solicitor and will be local to where you live. To see examples of injury compensation awards, please click on the link for our Compensation Estimator above.

Every year, thousands of people have accident claims and successfully claim back injury compensation on a No Win No Fee basis, many with our help. Back injuries, are often a result of road traffic accidents, work accidents or slips and trips.

Whatever the cause of your accident and back injury, please contact our friendly staff today. We will discuss your accident circumstances with you, assess your claim and advise you accordingly. You can use our quick contact form to the left, call us or alternatively use our claims form by clicking here: Back Injury Compensation.

Claiming Back Injury Compensation

In any accident involving a fall or sudden violent movement, there is a risk of damaging muscles and bones in the back. Back injuries are a particularly debilitating personal injury which can have implications for life, including permanent disability and loss of movement.

The nerves in your back, and the spinal column in particular, carry nearly all the electrical signals needed for sensation and to control the body’s movement. If these nerves are damaged following a car crash, a fall from a height such as scaffolding on a construction site or another kind of injury at work, then even a partial recovery may take many years.

Factory workers operating machinery unsupervised, victims of road traffic accidents, especially if the side or rear of their vehicle was hit, and construction staff working at height on unsafe scaffolding, are particularly vulnerable. Back injuries are also commonly caused by falls, tripping or slipping accidents or by manual handling tasks in the work place.

If you have had a back injury because of an accident which wasn’t your fault, you may be able to make a back injury claim and receive back injury compensation for loss of earnings or other financial hardship.

The extent of the injuries for which you can seek back injury compensation varies tremendously, from injuries of the utmost severity for example, leading to paraplegia, to prolapsed discs or damage to the soft tissues – tendons, ligaments or muscles.

Having a pre-existing back condition does not necessarily rule out a back injury claim. You can make a back injury claim for an aggravation or acceleration of your symptoms as a result of an accident.

You may not be aware that you can also make a back injury claim for back injury compensation if you have a trip or fall accident in any public place such as a road, park or supermarket.

At the Accident Advice Bureau, we can be with you every step of the way of your back injury claim, and help secure you the maximum back injury compensation to which you are entitled.

Once we and our personal injury specialist solicitor have taken on your back injury claim, you may need a medical assess to work out the level of compensation you will receive.

If you make a back injury claim through us, you will keep every penny of any compensation you receive. And, because at the Accident Advice Bureau we work on a genuinely No Win No Fee basis, if your back injury claim is unsuccessful, you really won’t have lost a thing.

Whatever has led you to consider making a back injury claim, and whatever caused your injury, if you have hurt your back through no fault of your own, we’d be glad to hear from you. We’re back injury claim specialists, with a decade’s solid experience in the industry.

We promise you’ll treat you efficiently and professionally – and sympathetically. We understand just how debilitating a back injury can be. So give us a call today free on 0800 814 0014 or 0344 545 0110 from mobiles, request a call or claim online below.

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