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If having suffered a burn accident at work, you want to make a claim for burn injury compensation, we are best placed to handle your case as we have years of experience in winning claims for burn victims. Our personal injury solicitors, specialising in accident at work compensation claims, fight hard to achieve maximum compensation, handling claims on a no win no fee basis. There is no financial risk whatsoever in making a claim with us, in return we ask for your full cooperation.

In addition to claiming for injuries caused by burns we also claim special damages which include any lost wages, travel and medical costs as well as home help as required.

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Whatever the cause of your burn injury, whether it’s due to chemical burns, electrical burns or thermal burns providing it was due to the negligence of an employer or another employee, then a burn injury claim is possible. Please contact us by calling 0800 814 0014 or 0344 545 0110 from mobiles, you may request we call you back by completing the form to the left or click the claim online button below.

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For further details on burn injury at work accident compensation claims please see the text below.

Every year thousands of people are burnt at work in an accident. In many cases the burn injury is not their own fault and the employer or the negligence of another employee has been the cause of the burn accident.

In many of the workplace burn accident cases that happen each year, thousands of employees decide to make a claim for burn injury compensation which is often handled on a no win no fee work injury claim basis. If making a claim with us, we ensure the no win no fee agreement is put in place to ensure there are no fees to be paid.

There are numerous ways in which employees are injured by burns at work. Employers have a duty of care over employees to ensure the equipment is safe and that a risk assessment has been carried out to highlight any dangers which may arise. Employers also have to supply the correct safety equipment, to include safety clothing, to ensure the safety of all workers.

One of the biggest causes for being burnt in a work accident is from electrics. Electrical burns, or electrocution, can cause severe, life threatening injuries. Being electrocuted will often damage the bodies nervous system, the heart, internal organs, the eyes and the burns which are visible externally. A work accident claim for an electric shock may be made by an employee if they were injured due to someone else’s negligence.

Chemical burns from a work accident are often suffered when working with chemicals such as acids, alkalis and caustics. These chemicals present severe dangers if used incorrectly or without the correct personal protective equipment. Claims for chemical burns from a work accident are common.

Thermal burns caused at work may be due to boiling water, steam from machines or outlets, hot oil or grease, hot items, flames and explosions. Many employees are injured by thermal burns every year.

Severe injuries may be caused by any type of burn and should be treated as soon as possible following the accident.

Any accident at work with burn injuries suffered should be reported to management and logged in the works accident book. In many cases a full investigation will then be carried out to ensure the cause has been discovered and eliminated. The cause of being burnt should be fully recorded with any witness details included. It is of vital importance that the accident book has the facts correct as these details may be used by a burn injury claim solicitor later should a claim for burn injuries from a work accident be made.

There are different types and levels of burn injuries.

First degree burns may result in a claim for burn injuries, but is on the smaller scale of compensation levels. The burn injury in these cases is superficial as they are on the surface of the skin and the recovery time is fast with minimal scarring if any.

A second degree burn is the next level and affects the epidermis and the dermis (the next layer below the epidermis) and is often suffered in a workplace burn injury.

A third degree burn is the worst kind of burn, as it is full thickness, which will usually leave the skin charred and black. A successful work injury claim for compensation is likely to have a large sum of money paid to the injured person due to the severity of the injury which causes scarring.

When choosing a solicitor to handle a claim for work related burn injuries it is important that the solicitor has good knowledge in this field. We have personal injury claim solicitors who have a successful proven track record in winning such claims for injured employees.

The legal timescale in which to make a claim for being burnt at work in an accident is three years. With this said, the earlier the claim is made, the easier it often is to gain all the relevant information which may include that of any witnesses.

We are often asked can an employee be sacked for making an accident at work claim for burn injuries. Legally, the employer cannot terminate the employment of an employee just because they are making a personal injury claim against them. Employers should have insurance to cover employees who are burnt at work in an accident which was not their own fault.

We have successfully helped many people to claim compensation for being burnt at work through a variety of causes.

To make your accident at work compensation claim, please contact us on 0800 814 0014 or 0344 545 0110 from mobiles or click: Workplace Burn Injury Claim.