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Car accident claims for drivers and passengers are the most common type of injury compensation claim made. Thousands of claims are submitted week with the majority being for whiplash injuries, back pain, other types of soft tissue damage and broken bones.

For over a decade we have been handling car accident claims, ensuring our clients receive maximum injury compensation, in the fastest possible time, following a non fault accident. All car accident claims are handled on a no win no fee basis and in addition to claiming for your injuries, you can also claim special damages which include, loss of earnings, medical, travel and home help expenses.

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We ensure a specialist car accident claims solicitor is appointed. Your claim will be hassle free, quick and you will be kept informed throughout the claims process.

Whatever the cause of your accident please contact us today free by calling free on 0800 814 0014 or 0344 545 0110 from mobiles and speak to our friendly staff, who will discuss your car accident claim with you. You can also request us to call you by using the simple request a call form to the right or click the claim online button in the toolbar above or at the bottom of this page.


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Thinking About Making Car Accident Claims?

The number of cars in the UK – 31 million – is growing all the time, and more than 70 per cent of the UK population has a driving licence.

As UK public transport continues to be far from perfect, our reliance on our cars shows no signs of diminishing any time soon. Nor, sadly, does the number of car accidents. These accidents are responsible for more than 290,000 injuries each year in the UK, with human error causing 95% of them.

Small wonder then that the number of car accident claims people are making is also the rise. Unfortunately, if you drive, the chances are high that you could become involved in a car accident at some point during your motoring career, and, of course, they don’t have to be serious to be unpleasant, expensive and stressful.

There are various circumstances in which you can make car accident claims. You may not be aware, for example that you can make car accident claims as a pedestrian, cyclist or as a passenger, as well as being a driver who wasn’t as fault, and car accident claims can also be made by taxi passengers.

You shouldn’t even rule out the possibility of compensation if you are the driver in an accident where 50/50 liability is established. It may still be possible to claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

Quite aside from the stress of a car accident, there are many reasons why people make car accident claims. Car accident injuries can leave people with back, head or whiplash (soft tissue) injuries which need time off work or physiotherapy treatment to heal. People also make car accident claims because of damage to property – of course your car, if applicable, but clothes and other belongings can become damaged as well.

Car Accident Claims With the Accident Advice Bureau

We’ll be happy to discuss your car accident claims, whatever your reason for putting in a claim. You should even get in touch if you think you may be entitled to make a claim, but are not entirely sure. One thing we would encourage you to do, whatever happens, is to stand up for your rights. We understand that following a nasty traffic accident, you may wish to put the whole experience behind you. But why shouldn’t you get the compensation to which you are entitled?

Since the level of compensation you receive will depend on how badly you’ve been hurt, and how long the injuries take to heal, you may have to undergo a medical assessment. Your solicitor will arrange for this to take place near where you live and of course, these things take time.

What we can guarantee that we treat all car accident claims sympathetically, and with sensitivity. In a competitive industry, we believe it is our strong focus on customer service, compared with our many years of experience in securing compensation for thousands of clients, which set us apart.

With us, no win no fee really does mean exactly that. So you cant’t lose. On winning you will receive maximum compensation for your injuries and suffering, as well as, expenses such as loss of earnings, damage to clothes and medical expenses, if applicable.

So please contact us today by calling free on 0800 814 0014 or 0344 545 0110 from mobiles, request a call or click claim online below.

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