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Car accidents causing injuries adult or child passengers can be very distressing and turn peoples lives upside down. Even fairly minor injuries can result a lot of  suffering and inconvenience. As a passenger, the accident would not have been your fault and therefore you may be entitled to make one of the thousands of car passenger compensation claims which are made each week.

We have been successfully handling car passenger compensation claims for over a decade. Claims for injured passengers are made with us on a no win no fee basis; this means you will not be asked for any money at any time, all we ask in return is your full cooperation.

All car passenger compensation claims are handled by our specialist traffic accident claim solicitors, who work hard to achieve maximum compensation in the shortest possible time.

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  • No Win No Fee.

In addition to compensation for your passenger injuries we can also claim for special damages, these may include: loss of earnings, medical, travel and home help expenses. We aim to ensure your financial position is not affected having been involved in a non fault accident and that you are fully compensated in every way for your suffering.

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Further details on car passenger compensation claims are below

Car passenger compensation claims are among the easiest claims for us to win, as passengers are not at fault for the accident they have been involved in. The car accident may be due to the driver of the vehicle they are travelling with or a third party driver, either way, your car passenger claim for compensation will be handled quickly.

You can be rest assured that your car passenger accident claim will be handled in an efficient and professional manner where you will be kept informed of the progress on a regular basis.

When making a car passenger compensation claims, it is important to obtain as many details surrounding the accident as possible. These would include a description of the car accident, the driver details, car registration number, the driver’s insurance details, and a police reference number if they attended the scene of the accident, also any witness details if possible. If all of these details are not instantly available, you don’t need to hold back on making a passenger claim for compensation as we will assist in obtaining these details.

As a result of being injured as a passenger in a car accident, in order to make a claim for compensation, the injuries suffered must have been diagnosed by a doctor.

The most common car passenger compensation claims we handle are for neck and shoulder whiplash injuries, lower back pain and soft tissue damage from when the seat belt locks to save a more severe injury, with the passenger going through the windscreen. In addition, torn pulled and stretched tendons, ligaments and muscles, broken bones and dislocations are often injuries which are claimed for.

Although seat belts can cause severe bruising to passengers in a car accident, they save many lives each year and should be worn on each journey, as the law states. In the event of a car passenger not wearing a seat belt and suffering an injury in an accident, a claim for compensation can still be made; however, the compensation will be reduced by 25%.

Some of the most common reasons for passenger injuries from a car accident are from being hit in the rear by another vehicle which has failed to stop in time. These are often referred to as a rear end shunt accident. In many of these cases, the driver of the car behind causing the accident has not been paying full attention to the road as they were using a mobile phone, eating, drinking, chatting or speeding.

In all cases maximum car passenger injury compensation will be fought for by our specialist passenger claims solicitors.

Whatever the cause of injured as a car passenger, please contact our friendly staff at the Accident Advice Bureau. We will discuss your car passenger compensation claim with you, assess your claim and advise you accordingly.

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