Children’s Injury Compensation Claims

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There are numerous places where children suffer accidents, the most common of which are schools, playgrounds, zoos, theme parks, shops, supermarkets, in the street or as a result of a traffic accident. Although some accidents that involve children are their own fault, many others suffer injuries from an accident for which they were not to blame, in which case children’s injury compensation claims may be possible with the help of the Accident Advice Bureau.

Children’s accidents can be a very distressing time for the child involved, parents or guardians and we understand the difficult time you and your child may be going through.

We are children’s injury compensation claims specialists with over a decade of experience. We will help claim the injury compensation your child may be legally entitled to, as a result of a non fault accident. Once the claim is accepted a specialist children’s accident claims solicitor will work on a 100% no win no fee basis where you will have the peace of mind knowing that win or lose, you will not be asked for any money at any time.

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Your child’s claim for injury compensation will be dealt with as quickly as possible and you will be kept fully involved throughout the claims process.

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Further details on children’s injury compensation claims are below.

Children’s injury compensation claims from a school gym accident

The school or nursery should provide a safe environment for children in their care. Some children’s accidents will happen due to the neglect of the school staff. This could be caused in a physical exercise (PE) lesson, where insufficient safety precautions have been taken to protect the children. Sometimes this is due to safety matting not being put in place to protect children prior to gym exercises. Another possible cause is goal posts not being secured to the wall or floor, which means the goal could topple over and be the cause a child’s injury.

Children’s injury compensation claims accident in the classroom

The chairs supplied for children to sit on should be in a good condition. If the chair breaks when sat on which causes an injury, there would be a cause for a child’s compensation claim. Another cause for a compensation claim would be if the child’s accident was caused by a slip on a wet floor in the classroom or any other area inside the school. If the floor has been cleaned and the floor been left wet, with no warning signs left in place and it caused a child to slip and injure themselves, a child injury compensation claim could be made.

There are many reasons why children’s injury compensation claims may arise from an accident at school. If your child has had an accident and injured themselves you can contact us to find out if you can claim.

Children’s injury compensation claims accident in a car

If a child is involved in a car accident as a passenger, they could claim child injury compensation. The child or children involved should be taken to seek medical advice following a traffic accident, if any pain is felt to rule out a more serious injury if one is not immediately apparent.

Children’s injury compensation claims from a slip or trip

With children out playing, they are bound to trip and fall causing an injury to themselves. On many occasions this type of accident would be the child’s own fault. However, if the injury is caused by potholes in the pavement or park or other obstructions left lying around by workers, there could be a claim for childrens accident compensation.

Children’s injury compensation claims accidents in a park

The equipment in a child’s play park or play area should be safe and inspected by the authority responsible on a regular basis. Damaged play equipment should be removed, replaced or at least cordoned off, so the children and parents are aware of the defects. If a child is injured in a play park, it is a good idea to take photographs of the defect which caused the accident and injury. Then report the defect to the authority or company responsible.

Children’s injury compensation claims accidents in a shop

Shops often have stock lying around that is in the process of being put out, or empty cardboard boxes in the aisles creating a tripping hazard. Other times it could be trailing leads from floor cleaning machines or a wet floor after being cleaned by staff. If your child has been injured in a shop due to staff negligence, it is possible to make a child injury compensation claim.

If the child is under 18 years of age they will need an adult to act for them to pursue any children’s injury compensation claims this is usually the parent or guardian.

A medical assessment may be required to help determine the exact level of childrens accident compensation that will be awarded based on all of the injuries and length of suffering. This will be arranged by the solicitor and will be local to where you live. To see examples of child injury compensation awards, please click on the link for our Compensation Estimator above.

Children’s Injury Compensation Claims timescales

As the parent or guardian of an injured baby or child, you can make a childrens accident compensation claim for them immediately after an accident or right up until the child reaches 18. Once an injured child becomes 18, they have three years to make a personal injury claim for child injury compensation themselves if their parent or guardian has not done this already.

Our 10 years of handling children’s injury compensation claims mean we appreciate that people making claims for children’s accident compensation are often having a very distressing time. We’ll take time to hear about your child’s accident in detail, and won’t pressurise you into seeking childrens accident compensation if you decide not to make a claim in the end.

However, if you do want to make any children’s injury compensation claims we’ll make the whole claim straightforward. In financial terms, you’ve nothing to lose by pursuing child injury compensation through us at the Accident Advice Bureau. We make sure you keep literally every penny of any childrens accident compensation. Equally, if you don’t win any child injury compensation, you won’t owe a thing.

We are waiting to help and advise you now. Please contact us free on 0800 814 0110 or 0344 545 0110 from mobiles, request a call or click claim online below.

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