Industrial Disease Work Claims

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No matter what job you do or industry you work in, your employer has a duty of care over you to ensure that the task you are expected to perform is done as safety as is possible, by ensuring the proper health and safety procedures have been followed. This is critically important when you are working and are exposed to dangerous substances that can lead to you suffering from a serious industrial disease.

Unfortunately there are thousands of industrial disease illness claims for compensation made every years due to health and safety procedures not been followed by employers. This is often due to the employers not been trained or aware in the proper procedures or simply due to the fact a job is been rushed to completion.

Here at the Accident Advice Bureau all industrial disease illness claims are worked on 100% no win no fee basis, which gives you complete peace of mind. On winning maximum industrial disease compensation is awarded as well as any other losses you may have incurred, such as loss of earnings or medical expenses.

We have over a decade’s experience successfully winning such claims and have awarded our clients millions of pounds in industrial disease compensation.

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Examples of frequently made Industrial disease work claims:

  • Exposure to Asbestosis.
  • Hearing loss due to loud working environment.
  • Tinnitus – noise in ears, caused by high noise volumes.
  • Lead poisoning work disease claims.
  • Chemical poisoning.
  • Latex injury claims for compensation.
  • Work related asthma claims.
  • Legionnaires industrial disease claims.
  • Industrial cancer claims including skin, lung, bladder and nasal.
  • Dermatitis work claims.
  • Siderosis (Welders lung).
  • Chromium poisoning employee claims.
  • Dioxin poisoning compensation claims.
  • Vibration white finger or hand arm vibration syndrome.

You have a limited amount of time to pursue compensation for an industrial disease illness, which starts from the date of diagnosis, so don’t delay start your claim today. Claiming is you legal right and could help you financially in the future especially when suffering from an industrial disease.

Remember we have over a decade’s experience successfully winning millions of pounds for our clients. So why settle for less and claim with someone else?

Claiming for industrial disease is a specialist sector and it is vitally important you have an experienced solicitor fighting your claim for you. Your claim will be worked on a no win no fee basis and you will be provided with regular updates on the progress of your claim.

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