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When shopping in any shop you should be able to do so in complete safety. The owner of the shop has a legal duty of care over you whilst you are on their premises. It make no difference if the shop is large or small, a sole trader or part of chain, if you suffer a non- fault accident that has left you injured, shop accident claims may be possible with the help of the Accident Advice Bureau.

We are waiting to help you, all advice is free and we have over a decades experience in successfully winning shop accident claims. All claims are worked on a 100% no win no fee basis whereby on winning you will be awarded maximum shop accident claim compensation for you pain and suffering. All other expenses you may have incurred, such as loss of earnings will also be claims for.

We have helped thousands of people to claim against shops which include accidents in pet shops, supermarkets, newsagents, clothing shops and DIY stores.

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Common causes that lead to Shop Accident Claims:

  • Faulty lift or escalator.
  • Slippery, greasy, wet stairs.
  • Stock or hazard on shop floor causing trip.
  • Slip on hangers or clothes left lying around on floor.
  • Slip on wet, greasy, dirty floor with no warning signs in place.
  • Faulty trolley shop injury.
  • Injured by stock falling from a height for a shelf.
  • Hit by member of staff with a stock cage or trolley.
  • Injured by collapsing stock display.
  • Injured by faulty changing room/seat.
  • Dangerous shop seating.
  • Injured in shop car park on defect to other defect.

Whatever the cause of your accident you should inform a manager or supervisor. Make sure full details are recorded into the shops accident book, take any witness details of the accident and cause and seek medical attention for your injuries. Your injuries will need to be diagnosed and on your medical records to pursue a shop accident claim.

Injuries resulting in shop accident claims frequently include:

Whatever the circumstances of your shop accident or the injury suffered we are waiting to help by offering you free advice.

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