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Taxi passenger claims for compensation are often made by people who are injured in a taxi accident on their journey to work, school, restaurants, home or to visit friends. Fortunately the vast majority of people do reach their destination safely and will happily use the same taxi company again in the future.

If you have been unfortunate enough to be injured in a taxi accident, you can join the thousands of people who make taxi passenger claims every year. We ensure a specialist taxi accident claim solicitor handles the claim and maximum compensation will be fought for. There is no financial risk to claiming against a taxi company or driver.

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If there has been any expenses suffered as a result of being injured travelling in a taxi accident, then these can be reclaimed. Such expenses may include loss of earnings, travel expenses, medical expenses and damage to any equipment through the taxi accident.

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 Main reasons for making taxi passenger claims include:

  • Taxi hit a car in the back claim compensation as an injured passenger.
  • Taxi hit a bollard in the road claim for injuries.
  • Passenger taxi accident claims for bad driving by the taxi driver.
  • Claim for an injury a taxi skidded on ice and hit a car, tree, kerb, lamp post or pillar box.
  • Whiplash from a taxi accident claim for injury.
  • Taxi head on crash accident claims.
  • Taxi lost control on a bend and crashed claims.
  • Taxi hit a tree claim passenger compensation.
  • Reckless driving by a taxi driver injury claim.
  • Taxi hit a kerb causing injury to passenger claims.
  • Taxi was hit by another car claim for injury as a passenger.
  • Taxi went through a red light and crashed claim passenger compensation.
  • Taxi didn’t stop at a roundabout and hit a car claim.
  • Hit and run taxi accident claims.

The list really does go on and on. The main thing is that having been injured as a passenger in a taxi accident, you would not have been at fault, and therefore taxi accident claims for compensation can be made if the injury is sufficient.

Anyone who is injured in a taxi as a passenger should take details of the driver, taxi company and if possible the registration number of the taxi. If all these are not available initially, don’t worry; still contact us as we can help you obtain them. To make a claim against a taxi company or driver, the injury would need to be diagnosed by a doctor. When taxi passenger claims are┬ámade, the appointed solicitor will obtain the medical records to use and to help gain maximum compensation.

Symptoms and effects of a taxi accident resulting in taxi accident claims often include:

Whiplash injury to neck and shoulders
Lower or upper back injury
Soft tissue damage
Pulled muscles, tendons or ligaments
Fractured bones

Headaches, dizziness, sharp pains, dull aches, shooting pains, severe bruising and double vision are all common for injured passengers to suffer following an accident in a taxi. All of these symptoms should be seen by a doctor to ensure nothing worse has happened due to the taxi accident.

All taxi passenger claims for injuries need to be made within three years of the accident. We usually find that in most circumstances taxi claims are made soon after the accident has happened.

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