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Ligament or tendon injury compensation is claimed by many thousands of people every week due to work, traffic and slip, trip and fall accidents. Damage to ligaments and tendons can be incredibly painful as they may be torn, pulled or stretched. The effects and symptoms of ligament and tendon damage is severe swelling, deep bruising, a burning sensation and a lot of pain making life difficult. If these injuries have happened as a result of a non fault accident, then a claim for compensation may be possible.

The Accident Advice Bureau and our personal injury solicitors specialise in tendon injury claims as well as ligament injury claims and have many years experience in such matters. If you have suffered an injury anywhere from your leg, ankle, foot, shoulder, hand or fingers, we can help you claim the compensation you may be legally entitled as a result of a non fault accident.

Many of the ligament or tendon injury compensation claims we handle are due to a work accident, traffic accident or slip, trip and fall. Upon accepting your claim, it will be handled on a 100% no win no fee basis.

In addition to claiming for your injuries and suffering, we will also claim for other damages such as loss of earnings, medical, travel and home help expenses.

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Whatever your accident circumstances resulting in a tendon or ligament injury, please contact us today by calling free on 0800 814 0014 or 0344 545 0110 from mobiles and speak to our fully trained, friendly staff. You may request us to call you by using the request a call form to the right or click the claim online button in the toolbar above or at the foot of this page.

Ligament or tendon injury compensation claims may be due to:

  • Work accident tendon injury claim.
  • Injured at work torn ligament injury claim.
  • Claiming for a torn ligament caused by a slip accident in the workplace.
  • Claim for a tendon injury due to a slip accident at work.
  • Accident in a supermarket ligament injury claims.
  • Compensation for a severed tendon due to an accident.
  • Claim for a sprain injury caused by a non fault accident.
  • Pulled muscles at work claim injury compensation.
  • Tendon injury due to lifting accident at work claim compensation.
  • Torn Ligament injury lifting heavy items at work with no training given by employer.
  • Stretched tendon injury claim from a non fault accident.
  • Stretched ligaments claim for injuries at work.
  • Tendon injury from a car accident claim for injury.
  • Ligament damage from a traffic accident claim compensation.


For further information on ligament or tendon injury compensation claims below:

Tendon injury claims

A tendon is a link between a muscle that contracts and the bone to which it is attached. You could suffer a torn tendon, pulled tendon or just have general tendon damage. When you suffer tendon damage the tendon seeps fluid out of torn fibres causing the area to swell. This fluid works as a glue and tries to repair the damage. When you have suffered a tendon injury, it is important to assess the injury as early as possible. Rest is very important in the recovery of torn tendons, pulled tendons or general tendon damage. A tendon injury is not something that exercise will make better. When the pain to your injury is reduced, a programme of personal exercises should be given to help the muscles regain their strength. The compensation awarded will reflect the timescale of pain and suffering.

Ligament injury compensation

A ligament injury can be described in many ways, for example, torn ligament, ligament damage, ligament pain, but is actually a stretch, tear or rupture. These are classified according to severity from least to greatest as first, second or third degree. The compensation awarded will reflect the severity of the injury.

Signs and symptoms of a torn ligament or ligament damage

Immediate symptoms may include stiffness, swelling and instability these can include a sudden pop in the joint. After a ligament injury it can be difficult to bear weight due to pain as a result of damage to the joint and swelling.

Treatment of ligament injury

There are various treatments that can be given to help recover from a ligament injury. Treatments include massage therapy, motion training and progressive strengthening exercises, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy.

Ligament injuries and a claim for ligament injury compensation can often be prevented if the injury is to a foot, by wearing the correctly fitting footwear, as this offers more protection.

Ligament or tendon injury compensation awards

If your doctor or the hospital have diagnosed you with a ligament injury or tendon damage, that has happened due to an accident that was not your fault, we may be able to help you make a tendon or ligament injury compensation claim.

A medical assessment may be required to help determine the exact level of compensation you will receive based on your tendon or ligament injury and the length of suffering. To see examples of injury compensation awards, please click on the link for our Compensation Estimator above.

We can claim for any loss of earnings you may have suffered. Also damage to clothing if this needed to be removed due to a ligament injury or tendon damage injury, travel expenses and home help if required. These expenses are on top of the compensation awarded for your injuries. You will have the peace of mind knowing your ligament injury compensation claim or tendon injury claim will be worked on by one of our personal injury specialist solicitors with a No Win No Fee agreement in place.

Every year, thousands of people win an accident claim for tendon or ligament injury compensation , many with our help on a No Win No Fee basis.

Whatever the cause of your accident and ligament injury or tendon injury, please contact our friendly staff today. There are so many ways in which you can suffer a ligament or tendon injury. Some people are not sure what they can claim for or are just not aware that they can claim. Please call us, use our quick contact form to the right or alternatively use our claims form by clicking here: Ligament or Tendon Injury compensation.

Could You be Entitled to Ligament Injury Compensation?

A tendon is a band of tissue that connects muscle to bone. A ligament is an elastic band of tissue that connects bone to bone and provides stability to the joint.

If you have hurt a ligament or tendon through no fault of your own, you may well be entitled to make a tendon injury claim, or seek ligament injury compensation.

A tendon can be torn or pulled, or just generally damaged. You could also put in a tendon injury claim for tendonitis, whose symptoms include pain, tenderness and swelling of the affected part of the tendon.

It’s important to rest the affected area as much as possible, and get a full medical assessment early on. The compensation awarded through a tendon injury claim will depend on the extent and duration of the injury.

Likewise, you can claim ligament injury compensation in quite a few circumstances. While ligament injuries can be described in various ways, you will have stretch, torn or ruptured your ligament. These are classed as first, second or third degree injuries, with third being the most severe. As with a tendon injury claim, the amount of ligament injury compensation you will receive depends on the extent of your injury.

Treatments for ligament injuries include massage therapy, motion training and progressive strengthening exercises, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. You may need ligament injury compensation to help pay for one or more of these treatments. However, be aware that in some cases a claim for ligament injury compensation can be avoided in foot injuries if you wear correctly fitting shoes.

Naturally, a tendon or ligament injury can be a stressful business. At the Accident Advice Bureau, if you are considering making a tendon injury claim, or seeking ligament injury compensation, we’d like to be able to help by taking the stress out of the situation. We understand that if you are pursuing ligament injury compensation or in the throes of a tendon injury claim, you’ve got quite enough to worry about already, without any additional hassle or complications.

Every year, of the thousands of people who make a tendon injury claim or are successful in getting ligament injury compensation, many have received help from us at the Accident Advice Bureau.

We listen to your case carefully. Then we will assign an experienced personal injury claims solicitor to work on your tendon injury claim or ligament injury compensation case. With 10 years of experience on our side, we really know what we are doing with these sorts of cases.

So give us a call and talk to one of our friendly advisors free on 0800 814 0014 or 0344 545 0110 from mobiles, request a call or click claim online below.

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