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Whiplash is the most common injury claimed for following a traffic accident but it can also be suffered in a slip, trip or fall accident. Every week thousands of whiplash compensation claims are made by drivers and passengers injured in non fault accidents. A whiplash injury is the term given to overstretched muscles in the neck and shoulders, caused by a sudden jolt and can be incredibly painful. A whiplash injury can last weeks, months or even years in severe cases.

We have helped thousands of people, over the last decade, who have wanted to claim whiplash compensation and we can help you claim the whiplash injury compensation you may be legally entitled to, as a result of a non fault accident. Once your claim is accepted on a no win no fee basis, the specialist whiplash compensation claim solicitor will work quickly to win the claim and achieve maximum compensation, whilst keeping you fully updated throughout the process.

In addition, we will not only claim for whiplash compensation but also other damages you may have incurred, such as loss of earnings, medical, travel and home help expenses.

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Whiplash injury symptoms may include:

  • Blurred vision.
  • Neck, shoulder & back pain.
  • Loss of concentration.
  • Severe headaches.
  • Ringing in the ears.
  • Restrictive movement in the neck and shoulders.
  • Grinding noises in the neck when moving.

The injuries above can all be whiplash symptoms and can make simple daily tasks seem very difficult and in severe cases, help may be required to assist in daily life. Some whiplash sufferers are unable to drive for a long period of time due to the restricted movement in the neck and shoulders. Even trying to get comfortable at night can be extremely difficult and mean a good night’s sleep is severely affected.

Effects of whiplash injuries:

Effects of whiplash can often be felt immediately after the accident but it is also common not to feel pain for a few days after the accident. The hospital or a doctor should be visited to ensure no long term damage has been done to the neck or spinal region. The doctor or hospital may give painkillers or suggest physiotherapy to help the whiplash pain. If it is necessary for the physiotherapy to be given at a private practice and there are costs involved, then these could be reclaimed on top of the compensation awarded for the injuries sustained.

Whiplash compensation claims:

If you think you may be entitled to a whiplash compensation claim, it makes sense to use a specialised whiplash claim company. We, at the Accident Advice Bureau, have a wealth of experience in securing whiplash claim compensation for our clients. For the last decade, we have helped thousands of people with their whiplash compensation claim.

Driver whiplash compensation:

As the driver, whether it’s a car, bus, lorry, taxi, or any public transport vehicle, if you have suffered a whiplash injury you can claim whiplash compensation for a non fault accident. If the accident is seen to be the fault of the driver, then the driver is unable to make a claim, we could however help any passengers to make a whiplash compensation claim that may have been injured.

Passenger whiplash compensation:

As a passenger, if you have suffered whiplash injuries in a car, taxi, bus or other vehicle you can claim whiplash compensation regardless of whose vehicle was at fault, as you were not to blame. You will receive maximum compensation for the whiplash injuries you have suffered. If the accident was due to a family member or friend having a traffic accident, it is important to realise you can still claim, as the compensation is paid by an insurance company, not by the person responsible for the collision.

Whiplash injury compensation awards:

Once your claim has been accepted and is being worked on, a medical assessment will be organised to help determine the exact level of whiplash compensation you will receive based on all of your injuries and length of suffering. This will be arranged by your solicitor and will be local to where you live. To see examples of injury compensation awards, please click on the link for our Compensation Estimator.

Please contact us today to make a whiplash compensation claim by calling free on 0800 814 0014 or 0344 545 0110 from mobiles and speak to one of our friendly, fully trained claims advisors. Alternatively you may request a call back claim online below.

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